The Uses of Aluminum Trench Boxes

Hundreds of workers in the construction industry are killed while thousands sustain on-site-injuries all as a result of ideal protection. Trench boxes are a vital safety item for workers who dig a buildings foundation, lay pipes, install valves or any other project that requires working underground said a safety engineer from ICON. Most projects depend on these boxes in order to keep the trenches free from debris and safe. Aluminum trench boxes keep the workforce safe if the walls of the area they are working on collapses. These products can also be customized for a specific project.

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The type of soil, depth of the trench, weather conditions as well as soil water are all used to determine how the aluminum trench box will be built. There are pre-made trench boxes and they are constructed as per the regulations set by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration.

There is a huge array of uses for these boxes in the construction and engineering industries. From residential renovation projects to more extensive construction work, trench boxes are vital at most of these worksites. Aluminum trench boxes, ideally referred to as trench shields can be utilized by municipalities to conduct repair work and maintenance for the town or city. These boxes allow the workers to go about the project in a more efficient, safe and affordable manner. The shields prevent damage to the lawn, streets, sidewalks, existing utilities and pipes. Trenches made of aluminum are lightweight, thus allowing ease of use in conjunction with backhoes that are rubber-tired.

Aluminum trenches are usually used for manhole installation. The shield surrounds the walls that have been created to build manholes. They ideally give a clear working space for excavating and building the manhole. These trenches are also utilized by utility contractors when working underground or laying wire.

Shoring works in conjunction with trench shields. Shoring is a support system that prevents soil from caving in when excavating. This is a technique that is usually used for the kind of trenches utilized to access underground roadways, foundations, utilities, and prevent the soil from moving excessively. Shoring utilizes an array of equipment including posts, struts, walls, and sheeting in order to keep the project site intact.

Most states have strict regulations on the kind of shoring material and trench boxes to be used on trenches of varying depths. As such, it is vital to know when to use these shields and how to implement them properly. Using aluminum trenches can mean the difference between life and death.