The Benefits Of Automated Mouse Ear Tags

If you work with mice in a lab, you are going to need to know¬†how to tag mice properly and effectively at some point. Image result for how to tag miceWhile there are many different types of mouse ear tags you can choose from, automated mouse ear tags give you the edge because they allow you to scan the data with a bar code. Metal tags don’t allow for scanning or automated data collection and they are hard to apply and often come loose.

Automated tags are very secure and you don’t have to worry about them coming off. They are lightweight and won’t get caught on the foot of the mouse or the cage. They won’t hurt the mouse when they are attached and they allow you to scan the tag and the results are totally accurate.

Using automated ear tags allows you automate your processes and you have millions of unique codes that you can choose from. Now you don’t have to take down all the information by hand. You will save a ton of time and energy when you use automated mouse tags. They allow you to scan tags quickly and they are also inert which means you don’t have to worry about bad reactions from the mice.


The automated tags are just about indestructible and you don’t need a lot of training to learn how to apply and remove them. They are made in the USA and compatible with autoclave and MRI/CT. These tags are more humane and they are better for the mice. They cause the least amount of harm and they are Image result for how to tag miceminimally invasive so there is less risk of infection or stress to the mice. Automated mouse ear tags are less expensive and don’t require as much work to use so they are the better choice by far.

Automated mouse ear tags are the right choice for any lab. They give you more benefits and they are much more accurate which makes them the best choice to use. You can generate millions of ID numbers and the tags come in five colors that makes identifying them even easier. With the barcode reader, there is no longer any reason to spend long hours taking down the information by hand. You are also making things easier on the mice and they won’t need to go through so much stress when the tags are attached. The tags are also cheaper, which makes them the sensible choice.